In the AEC industry, branding has never gotten much attention, but changing trends have made establishing a strong visual identity necessary to rise to the top of the market.

Operating in such a marketing-averse atmosphere, and with the increasing scope of projects we’ve been working on recently, we made the choice in the middle of the year to catch up with the fast-changing sector in order to be better prepared to face new challenges.

Having a good experience previously we turned to the internet and held a contest on 99designs yet again but this time looking for the top-level designers. We’ve been categorized by the search engines as a Shop, a Platform or Drafting Services in Brooklyn NY, with such a labeling we prepared our brief describing what we are and where we are aiming. After considerable internal discussion, we selected our favorite designs, and the results are presented in the following paragraphs. We’ve also asked the design team to help with other aspects of branding, such as social media and website redesign.


The new and unique IDRAW logo, which resembles a dynamic modern structure, promotes trust, movement, digital design, and a clear path toward new opportunities.

For the construction of the IDRAW brand we created a vertical flow using blocks to create the sensation of movement and to connect a geometric system and digital design.

New IDRAW logo
Brand Guide

The logo follows a creative pattern that must be maintain to match the appearance in different digital and print media.

Brand Application

Keeping the original logo’s size and colors allows the brand to be easily recognized and gives it more credibility.

Logo Do’s and don’ts


This is the main typography of the logo used in relevant titles and subjects.

Xolonium font

This is the auxiliary typography used in deferent texts. Archia font is used across the digital and print media.

Archia font


Main Colors

Website Redesign

We also revamped our website to give it a more realistic and professional appearance that says “business” right away. Archia is the primary font used throughout digital media to match current branding style.

Redesigned IDRAW website

Social Media

Social media posts are created using branding colors and fonts to mirror the current branding look and feel.



After the new branding was fully implemented, our sales jumped by 100% year over year. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

November 2022 update. We changed our logo a bit to closer resemble our website address by adding “pro” to the original design.


IDRAWPRO.COM is a trusted place for quick and easy ordering of shop drawings, drafting services and anything in-between.

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