IDRAWPRO 2021 Top 100 Customers Sales Report.

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With the end of the year approaching, we’ve taken data from our sales and chosen to present it in the form of an interactive map. View the locations of IDRAWPRO’s top 100 US customers and how sales are spread by state. Find out which states are leading, and which are lagging.

The Customers

Our top 100 customers are primarily Specialty Contractors, followed by General Contractors, Fabricators, Property Managers (ordering shop drawings by trade type), and finally Design and Engineering firms.

The Visualized Results By State

New York leads the way with 19 percent of the top 100 customer sales, followed by Pennsylvania (17 %), California (12 %), New Jersey (10 %), and Texas (7 %). Massachusetts accounted for 5% of total sales, Florida 4%, Georgia 4%, and Oregon 4%.

The Visualized Results By Territory

We also presented the data by Territories to get a more comprehensive picture. The North-East accounts for 50% of our top 100 customers' sales, with the West accounting for 23%. The South scored 21% of the sales, followed by the Mid-West, with only 6%.

It's worth noting that Texas is in a class by itself in our statistics, having been the first state to receive internet orders. The largest order, with various shop drawings, also came from Texas. Our General Contactor customer ordered shop drawings for the major trades, including: Structural Steel Exterior Wall Reinforcement, Light Gauge Interior Framing, Ceiling Grid Plan, Doors, Millwork and Countertops, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Paint for the office building restoration project.

The Conclusion

We matched our sales data to the 2019 construction spending by state report to gain some context. Conclusion: our top customers and sales are where most construction is being done.

Keep an eye out for the next year's report to see how our sales have progressed and whether the leaders have maintained their dominance.

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