Challenges While Working On A Large Project

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Working on a large project can be daunting, but with the right team, it can bring huge rewards!

We’ve all come across projects that feel like they’re more than we can handle. These huge projects make us question our worth in our industry, and imposter syndrome is tough to kick. Thankfully, we’re all far more qualified than we’d ever give ourselves credit for. Large projects can come with these unique, hefty challenges, but they can also reap massive rewards once the project is completed.

A wonderful example of a complex, large-scale project is the expansion of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This massive structure was expanding to become condominiums on property. The building is 116,000 square feet as residential property, and there is another 5 stories on top of that structure. The complexities of this project pave the way for an array of issues, but a skilled team can avoid many of these problems.

685 Fifth Avenue. Rendering via Marin Architects

Thankfully, companies like IDRAWPRO ease the process. which provides shop drawings services for stone and tile for the entire project. IDRAWPRO is a safe and reliable platform for the AEC industry to get the job done. Reliable services even out your workflow, making room for communication and smooth project management. Utilizing these services eliminates several of the most common challenges that people find with large-scale projects like the expansion of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Image of the actual shop drawings provided by IDRAWPRO

Some of these challenges are easy to avoid, but some require a bit more critical thinking. It’s crucial to examine the potential challenges you may face before the project begins. Firstly, there are lots of workers from different trades who are coming together to make the project happen. The overwhelming number of individual parties to work with becomes daunting, especially as people are rotated out. For companies like IDRAWPRO, combining many trades involves a lot of coordination work, which in this case meant spending extra time training the teams on how to retrieve up-to-date CAD files on various construction management software.

Sometimes, the potential for hefty challenges makes it difficult to want to begin such projects. You may begin to feel that the risks outweigh the benefits, but thankfully, that is not the case. These projects can help with business growth, but also large-scale city growth. The expansion of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, for example, will bring tourists along with potential new residents. While taxing, the efforts of project workers make it possible for all contributors to reap benefits that they may not have imagined were possible. Of course, the fiscal benefits (such as high returns of investment) are prominent incentives, but the moral aspects are wonderful, as well. There is nothing more rewarding than creating homes for people, especially in such a densely populated area like New York City. Your hard work isn’t for nothing here; large projects and their challenges allow future generations of New Yorkers to thrive.

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